There is so much false information in the health field today. Therefore, we feel it is our duty to offer a free seminar to teach the truth about it. The truth involves things you won’t see on television, read in newspapers and probably won’t hear from the medical profession.

Here are our Upcoming Truth About Health Nutrition Seminars:

  • Monday,  Aug 7th @ 6:45 at the Alternative Healthcare Center
  • Monday,  Sep 11th @ 6:45 at the Alternative Healthcare Center
  • Monday,  Oct 2nd @ 6:45 at the Alternative Healthcare Center
  • Monday,  Nov 6th @ 6:45 at the Alternative Healthcare Center
  • Monday,  Dec 4th @ 6:45 at the Alternative Healthcare Center

The Truth About Health Nutrition Seminars are Presented by: Dr. David Jantz DC,  Dr. Jennifer Shell DC, Jeffrey Koenigbauer DC, & Kaylee Jantz RD.

For new patients, their friends, family, general public and all those who wish to gain greater control over their health. We cover a wide variety of topics such as: ADD, natural hormone replacement therapy, heart disease, chronic fatigue, sinus trouble, back pain, headaches, stomach problems, menopause, infertility, arthritis, irritable bowel syndrome, under active thyroid, skin problems, and more!  Nutrition Response Testing is Demonstrated!
Bring you friends and family.

Seating is limited. Admission is Free.

New Seminar on Natural, Non-Drug Solutions for Mental Health

Keep your eye on this space to find out when and where you can attend this very important seminar next.

Dr. Jantz has been delivering this vital seminar to schools, other healthcare practitioners and our patients here. The message is more important than ever. Every one of us has been impacted by the dangerous and false solutions being given for friends and family experience mental health issues.

  • You’ll learn the alternative solutions to anxiety, depression, stress, panic attacks and insomnia.
  • You’ll  hear about the dangers of the powerful psychiatric drugs being prescribed that just make problems worse.
  • You’ll hear why you need this information even if you are not taking them yourself (because someone you know likely is.)
  • Common physical problems that go undetected by modern medicine which cause mental symptoms such as depression, anxiety, insomnia, etc.
  • How pain, sleep, nutritional status, exercise and specific supplements all play a role in your mental status.
  • How to improve your sleep and elevate your mood.
  • This seminar is about educating you on how to handle these issues so that you can lead a healthier and happier life.

All seminars are held at the Alternative Health Care Center. For more information about any of the seminars call us @ 313.881.7677