Best Nutrition for Babies

Getting your kids to eat healthy is not always the easiest task for a mom (or a dad).

On the other hand, if your children are recently out of the womb this is a much easier discussion!

Breast Milk: #1 Food for Babies

Breast milk really is the ideal food  for babies because it boosts immunity and is perfect nutrition. But I say that with a tiny bit of reservation because what Mom eats determines how truly nutritious her milk will be.

What she eats and doesn’t eat during pregnancy and while nursing are equally important.

Eating this can be harmful to you and your baby

One often overlooked, so-called food item that is really dangerous for breast feeding moms are artificial sweeteners. Man-made sweeteners, like Sucralose (Splenda) or aspartame (Equal) act as neurotoxins and are especially dangerous for infants.

So if you’ve got to satisfy a chewing urge , don’t do it with any traditional sugar-free gum. Find a healthy, sugar-free gum like Spry.  And if you’re trying to get back to “pre-baby” weight by drinking diet soda….Stop!  Drink some fruit-infused water instead, you’ll be healthier and so will your baby. You don’t want your newborn exposed to these toxic chemicals.

These are just two of commonly eaten foods that can contain these chemical toxins and end up in your breast milk. Make sure you look at labels to see where else they may be hidden.

Fats are Essential to Healthy Babies

Fats are very crucial to nourishing breast milk, a baby that cries all the time and never seems content could very likely be hungry.  You may be nursing constantly, but if there isn’t enough fat in your breast milk the product you’re providing is not enough nourishment. Your diet needs to consist of plenty of good fat.

Good sources of healthy fats are avocado and its oil, coconut oil and coconut butter, walnuts and walnut oil, olive oil and flax oil are good too.  Cooking with rendered duck fat and tallow are also beneficial for you and your baby.

Check out the Weston A.Price Foundation for a very complete rundown of good fats and the best food choices for a healthy baby and healthy kids.They are big advocates of healthy fats and have a bunch of great information about human nutrition. I recommend them highly.

What about Baby Formula instead of breast feeding?

If you don’t breast feed, but rather formula feed, there are some highly helpful supplements you’ll need to add to the formula, you can find those on the WAP website as well…and always stay away from any soy-based formula.

When and what solid food should I introduce to my baby?

You’ll also find a great guideline on how and when to introduce solid  foods to infants …and what foods as well.  For example, you shouldn’t add rice cereal first, as it’s not really easy to digest.  Actually any grains should be added in last.

Hopefully this just gets all the new moms thinking. If you know of a new or expectant mother please pass this article along to her.

What about my older kids?

Great question.  I know that taking kids off sugar or junk food cold turkey can be a tad dangerous. So, I always recommend a gradual approach.

Start with baby steps. Introduce fresh veggies with peanut butter. Switch out soda for fruit infused water. Move away from sugared cereals to ones without added sugar.

A big part of my purpose is to help moms and kids eat real food and save our next generation from obesity, diabetes, and disease that is becoming an epidemic.

I’ll be sharing my nutritional discoveries, tips, recipes and advice here on this blog on a regular basis. So, come back and check it out regularly.

I also wrote a book on it. We have copies you can buy in the office and you can also pick up the ebook on Amazon.

I’m so happy and excited to be able to share this information with you and I welcome any questions you have. It will help me keep this blog a happening place for great information. Thanks for reading.



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