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We Help You Become as Healthy as You Can Be

You can get healthy & stay healthy – without drugs or surgery.

Drugs and surgery are not the answer to health. Here at the Alternative Health Care Center we help your body heal itself, so you have the vitality and longevity you deserve.

The truth is, the whole answer to becoming healthier is different for every body. But HOW and WHY our bodies heal and maintain great health is not different.

We help you with a variety of methods starting with education on what real health is and the root causes of illness. We help people get healthy and stay healthy, we don’t treat symptoms. When your body is healthy the “symptoms” disappear.

The tools we use start with nutrition – eating Real Food, not processed, chemicalized, genetically modified frankenfood.  Eating Real Food is the first step to getting and staying healthier. For most of us that also means learning what Real Food actually is. That’s why we do monthly Nutrition Seminars and why Dr. Shell wrote a book on it.

You’ll discover we are different. We believe that you should understand the Basics of Nutrition and  Health, not just “professionals”. We believe that if you eat Real Food and have a personalized Clinical Nutrition program your body can heal itself of most chronic health problems Americans suffer from. Add in regular chiropractic adjustments and you’ve got the complete recipe for health and longevity.

We’re considered “alternative” because we believe drugs and surgery should be an absolute last resort, not the “primary” treatments. We hope you believe that too.

Your first step is to educate yourself about what we do and who we are. Check out our site, give us a call, sign up for our newsletter and register for our next Truth About Health Nutritional Seminar.